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Check out  what our readers have to say about Jill Hemann books . . .

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My Super Hero is a delightful and engaging children's book that explores the nature of how we view super heroes strength, and importance in our lives. This is extremely well-written with imagery and prose perfectly on point, excellent structure, repetitive cadence, and organization. A child's understanding of Jesus and his love, and the important characteristics of a super hero are smoothly laid out for even the youngest reader to enjoy. 

~ Review by the Editor

Jill Schroeder Hemann's, My Super Hero challenges kids and caregivers alike to re-examine their concepts of what makes a superhero and to consider how Jesus fits every description possible about what superheroes are and what they do. The author also includes a family devotional to enhance further the readers' appreciation and understanding of Jesus's super abilities.


Olivia's illustrations work perfectly with the story, and kids will have a grand time identifying the commercial superheroes eluded to in the story.

Each panel is bold, bright, and colored with fun.


The reading level of this book makes it an excellent selection for young readers to try on their own and enjoy during storytime at school as well. My Super Hero is highly recommended.


~Review by Jack Magnus, Reader's Favorite

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-star Reader's Favorite Review Award

Deep down, everyone is looking for a hero. My Super Hero will point your little ones to the real superhero, Jesus Christ! I love how Jill takes the reader through the days of the week. The anticipation builds to see what each day reveals and, ultimately, who this superhero really is!

I highly recommend this book. It’s sure to become a family favorite!

~ Review by Melissa Magera, Director

   Mary & Martha Inspirational Living


What an absolutely delightful book for young readers! Upbeat, easy to read, and with whimsical illustrations, the young reader will learn the days of the week, while learning an inspirational message. I love the fact that depicted is a little girl – how empowering. 

The devotionals are an extra touch and can be shared with family members.


Thank you, Jill and Olivia, for writing and illustrating a wonderful addition to any young child’s library. 


~ Ruthanne Mefford, Chief Executive Officer, 

Child Advocates of Fort Bend

Old or young, everyone seems to have a superhero. This enlightening children’s story, My Super Hero, explains what a superhero is and what it is not while teasing the reader as to who “my” superhero is. Careful attention to repetitive story structure and colorful crayon illustrations make this book suitable for non-readers, yet budding readers will also enjoy it. Learning that Jesus is my superhero reinforces His human qualities and reminds us of His constant love for us.


My Super Hero is a pleasure to read, educating its audience even as it entertains.


~Cindy Supan, Retired FBISD Elementary School Teacher

I enjoyed this cute and colorful children's book! Everyone loves a superhero, and Jill's message is simple, yet true! What a fun book for children, and adults, teachers, or grandparents to read to their little ones!

I would love to share this book with the refugee children I serve. They will love it!


Congratulations Jill! So proud of you and allowing God to use your talent to bring truth to the world!

~Terri Wang, Board member

Fort Bend Education Foundation 

I have read "My Super Hero" multiple times, and it is very well-written by Jill Schroeder Hemann and beautifully illustrated by Olivia Beaty. I look forward to sharing copies with my grandchildren, grandnieces, and grandnephews.


What an extraordinary story, "My Super Hero" is--honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

~Review by Susan Haggard, Administrative Assistant of a local Christian Preschool in Houston

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