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My Super Hero Saved the World!

When authoring "My Super Hero," my goal was to invite children to know Jesus as their TRUE superhero. Kids admire and respect fictional superheroes; you get it--capes, fast cars, light swords--but this book takes it to another level--to a personal and heavenly level, shall we say. It's tough for a child to experience a deep-rooted relationship with someone who isn't around all the time, but here's where faith comes in. You see, Jesus IS around. Seeing is not always believing. We can talk to Him, walk with Him, confide in Him, laugh, and joke with Him (He has quite a sense of humor--please refer to Matthew 15:14, Matthew 22:21, Matthew 23:24, Mark 4:21, Mark 10:25, Luke 6:42, Luke 11:11-12, John 10:32-33, to name a few).

The point is, kids need to know they are worthy and deserving of God's mercy. He created everyone for a specific purpose and loves all of His children equally. He sent Jesus to teach us how to LOVE WELL and to be JOYFUL! Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we could live forever with Him in Heaven! If we walk with Jesus, we will never walk alone. The sooner our children figure that out, the more thankful, compassionate, peaceful, happy, worryLESS lives they will lead. They will learn to put God first, and others before themselves.

Thank you, Lord, for your AMAZING GRACE! How very blessed we are.

He is SUPER. He is a HERO. Do you know who HE is?

❤️ The faithful LOVE of the Lord never ends.

~Lamentations 3:22

Our precious granddaughter, Andrea. She knows! ❤️

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