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My Super Hero is a Reader's Favorite!

Jill Hemann Books is thrilled to announce that our debut book, My Super Hero has received a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5-star Reader's Favorite review award. Check out this excerpt from our reviewer:

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Reader's Favorite:

My Super Hero is a religious-themed picture book for children written by Jill Schroeder Hemann and illustrated by Olivia Beaty. The little girl in the story has a superhero who saves her every day of the week. And she knows, without a doubt, that any battle her superhero is involved in will end in him being victorious.

Jill Schroeder Hemann's My Super Hero challenges kids and caregivers alike to re-examine their concepts of what makes a superhero and to consider how Jesus Christ fits every description possible about what superheroes are and what they do. The author also includes a Family Devotional to further enhance your readers' appreciation and understanding of Jesus's super abilities.

Olivia's illustrations work perfectly with the story, and kids will have a grand time identifying the commercial superheroes eluded to in the story. Each panel is boldly and brightly colored and fun to spend time with.

The reading level of this book makes it an excellent selection for young readers to try on their own and enjoy during storytime at school as well. My Super Hero is highly recommended.

My Super Hero is now submitted for review in the Reader's Favorite 13th Annual

International Book Award Contest on September 1, 2020. Wish us luck!

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